December 18 leo horoscope

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December 18 Birthday Horoscope

Instead focus on ways that you can get the rest and spiritual nourishment you need. You may need to lean on your friends today for support, so don't be shy about asking for the help. At the same time, if you need to have a heart- to-heart conversation with someone today, you've got the green light. On the flip side, a friend could need you today.

Help where you can. Your goals and career are in the spotlight today and you're focused on making things happen. Just make sure that whatever you're investing your time and energy into are things that are worth your time and energy.

Astrolology Today

Be intentional with your plans and how you execute them. You might be feeling like you're in the mood for a vacation today and that's a good thing because you could use some time off.

Even if a getaway isn't on the books for you today, make sure to carve out some time to do something you enjoy. Your inner child will thank you.

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You might be in your feelings today, but if so, don't suffer in silence. Someone close to you may be able to offer you the shoulder or support that you need. On another note, you may have to draw some boundaries today when it comes to an intimate relationship. An important conversation between you and someone close to you could help shed light on an issue. This could be good news if there's been a problem between you that needs solving.

On a similar note, talking to someone you trust can provide you with constructive criticism.

You always get everything done, and the Sagittarius new moon may bring profound possibilites to your life today. Shouldering a large burden?

Daily Horoscopes - Today's Astrological Predictions for All Zodiac Signs

The more big picture you see, the more power moves you can act on. Rise above small tussles like that and focus on what really counts. Things may work themselves out in a day or so. And avoid Tweeting your displeasure on social media—you have a lot better things to do than yell at customer service today. Remember that every year contains both expectation and loss.

The more you anticipate and embrace that, the better. Creativity can help you escape.

The Globe and Mail

Sneak off to the movies, have a solo Netflix binge under the covers, or curl up with a hardcover. Cancer, be open to meeting new people or going out to a place you've never been before. Today's Moon opens up your friendship sector which continues for the next few days. You may meet a friend, through a friend, through a friend where there are some cool commonalities.

Feeling comfortable around others can be a choice that you decide you like to do after all. Leo, work hard, play hard. Being in the right place at the right time is of utmost importance but knowing precisely what that is, that can be another story. Work can feel like it's leading you down a path where you feel a bit like things need to change in order to make everyone more comfortable. If the work load is too much, perhaps coming up with a plan and suggesting it in writing can be a positive way to get that ball rolling.

Virgo, adventure? Yes, you can have fun and do something extraordinary if you want to. You're not only stuck in one way of doing things.

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Today, take initiative to find a new way of doing something simple. It can be the way you make the family's secret recipe or how you approach a conversation with someone you're interested in.

Leo Daily Horoscope

You're not like anyone else, so nothing you do should be either. Libra, life is full of changes and most of them you resist and others are necessary and so you do them without putting up as much of a fight as you would like. You can have a loss of something today that requires replacing an item or doing things in a way that you hadn't done before out of convenience.

Be open minded to help you move that process along. Scorpio, a partnership opportunity can form today but it could require that you initiate the call and be willing to do a little more than you had anticipated on the front end of things. Can you be more giving than you think you out to be? If yes, you can pretty much bet that you will receive as much as you give in good measure. Sagittarius, joy is found in healthy actions.

Today, focus on good health habits and bringing life into some form of balance. You can still have lots of tasks to attend to but in order to get everything done to your high standards, consider learning to trust others to help you.