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Mercury Retrograde

You would be able to maximize the return of your efforts. However, to succeed, you need strong guidance at first. This is where strong mentors can really make or break your career or business.

May 2018 taurus horoscopes

All they care about is whether you can benefit them or not. Other mentors really care about your habits and really challenge you. This is very important to keep in mind because an influential person in your life might seem a bit rough on you. That person might seem overly critical. You need to get over your feelings because this person might actually be pushing you in the right direction as far as key personality changes are concerned. You need to change certain things about how you approach things for you to unlock your full potential for personal success.

If you were born on December 14, you are courageous and not afraid of a little fight if that means you will achieve your goals. People born on this day are affectionate to people close to their hearts. They are also sociable individuals. These people are also very expressive. They believe that every game should be played fairly.

This sense of justice is something that they want to instill into other people as well. One of the things that people born on December 14th need to change is the tendency to set unrealistic goals that no one can attain. It also represents enthusiasm, desire, and inspiration. This element inspires our courage, motivation, and confidence. This color reflects a deep sense to belong. It also represents the need of people to feel loved and secured. Your mind in on your dollars today, which means it's the perfect time to realistically look at your financial situation and devise a workable plan to make improvements.

If you've been looking to move, it's possible that you find a dream living arrangement or space.

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Be mindful of making an impulse buy. How are you feeling, Capricorn? Today may be a good time to slow down and check-in. If you're not feeling your best, you may want to take some extra care with yourself, that includes being upfront and honest about how you feel. Don't bottle it up, Cap. Writing, music, or film could be the outlet you need.

You deserve a break today. As such, try not to pack your schedule with too many things as you won't be feeling up to it anyway. Instead, make time to rest, relax, and decompress. If you're stuck at work for most of the day, try having your lunch break outside or away from your desk. Clear your head.

Daily Horoscope December 14, 2016 - Mars Enters Aquarius - True Sidereal Astrology

It's all about your friends today, which means you may have to look to them for the pep talk or support you need in order to keep pushing towards your goals. As you can see, it's important to have community.

Philippine Star

Stay connected. There is a direct correspondence to this fact in the mapping of an individual's birth chart. I t is likely that you will be able to determine where Mercury was at the time of your birth without consulting an astrologer. By reading the three potential profiles, it is often uncanny how clearly one of them will fit to us. I thought you would enjoy trying this out for yourself.

I am always interested to know what you think and discover. Feel welcome to write!

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Material is currently being developed on the other planets. If you are interested, we would be pleased to keep you updated on their progress. T he occupations Capricorns usually choose are as; doctors, lawyers, accountants, and most any endeavor that deals with math or money. They excel as officers and administrators, especially where projects demanding long-term planning are concerned.

Capricorns make excellent politicians due to their skill in debate, and serve exceptionally well as teachers or school principals.

Holiday mathis horoscope december 27 12222

They do best in an environment wherein they can exercise their desire for authority and organization. They are good with their hands, and may choose to be engineers, farmers or builders. I n personal relationships they tend to be uncomfortable. Rather self-centered, they are wary and suspicious of others. More so than the other Capricorn Decans, you are perseverant and destined for success. At times, you may notice that you value respect over all else. Discover your. A Capricorn born December 24 is symbolized by the Goat and has a quixotic and changeable nature. Learn about December 24 birthday astrology.

As long as you are working towards your security or the security of loved ones, your life will always have fulfillment and purpose. You must remember that you will always gain satisfaction from material pursuits and financial security, but this does not mean you should ignore the importance of affection.