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  1. December 1 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for December 1th
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As far as their interpersonal relations go, these people will never enter with all their hearts, and because of their small superficiality, already in the first conflict -they can be seen fleeing. But these people are happy, fun and they know how to make a tweak. They spontaneously talk about their experiences and every time they delight friends with their lively spirit.

December 1 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for December 1th

People who are born on the first day of December belong to the group of Sagittarius people who are quiet and reserved and do not like that anyone interferes with their life and work in any way. Even when they make mistakes of any kind, these people love to take responsibility for themselves.

They also believe that everyone should be allowed to shape their own lives without interference from the side, and they genuinely try to live by this rule, even when life proves to be something else. They also find that giving advice is just as uncomfortable as receiving them, so they will avoid doing so. They are sensitive and like to be loved, and some representatives of this tend to marry early, and if they do, these Sagittarius people must be careful and tactical in choosing their partner. We are pointing this aspect because we feel that this could be one thing that can ruin their fabulous lives that have all ingredients to be very, very happy.

People who are born on December 1 live in a romantic and idealistic world looking through pink glasses, and in love, they can rejoice and hope for the good, but they can make many slips when it comes to this aspect of their lives. They should always let be ready when making important decisions, like choosing the right lover, for example. More importantly, their support, trust, honest word is something that their lovers must have or that connection it will be disastrous.

Negatively, these people tend to be in a way negative and underestimate the suspicion because they feel like their mistakes are not visible. These persons who celebrate their birthdays on the December 1 have the desire to rejoice in life, but they need to learn to face the things that they fear, like fear of beings alone and not loved. These people can often have complicated emotional relationships, or when being in love, they can cross that small line of sacrifice, and suffering.

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But they are also people who are tied to a lover easily, they know to be naive, but in crucial situations, they can rise rationally above everything and distance from anything that disturbs them. These people are inclined to believe in the invisible and mysterious things that surround them, but this is not something that will disable them to do their imagined business projects.

December 1 Zodiac:Sagittarius

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November 22 — December 22 , UT1 [1]. South Node , Chiron questionable.

December 1 Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

North Node , Ceres questionable. New millennium astrological chart.

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